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Pubic Lice

Pubic lice, commonly called crabs, are miniscule insects found in your genital area. Do not confuse them with the louse found in the head or body. The louse measure 1/16 inch (1.6 millimeters) or less, hence pubic lice were nicknamed crabs because their bodies resemble sea crabs.

The most common way to acquire pubic lice is through sexual intercourse. In children, pubic lice may be found in the eyebrows or eyelashes and can be a sign of sexual abuse. However, children can sometimes catch pubic lice from heavily infested parents simply by sharing a communal bed.

If you have pubic lice (crabs), you may experience intense itching in your genital region. Pubic lice don’t infest the scalp, but they can spread to other areas.

Pubic lice can be treated at home with insecticide cream, lotion or shampoo. It will usually need to be applied once and repeated after three to seven days. with coarse body hair, including the legs, chest, armpits, beard or moustache, eyelashes, eyebrows (More commonly found in children).

Some treatments only need to be applied to the affected area, but sometimes the whole body must be treated, taking care to avoid the eyes. Everyone you have had close bodily contact with should also be treated at the same time. This includes any sexual partners you have had in the past three months and all members of your household.