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Warts in Children

Warts are caused by a virus that gets into the skin. Usually flesh tone in color, they are raised bumps rough to the touch. Sometimes warts will be flat and dark in color. The two most frequent types of warts that are found in children are common warts and plantar warts. Common warts are usually found on the hands, growing around the nail or the back of the hands. Plantar warts are foot warts, usually located on the bottom of the foot. Because of the location of growth, they can be painful when walking.

Warts will sometimes disappear without treatment. In cases where warts continue to grow in size or multiply, treatment options can include burning, freezing or topical solutions. Warts, unsightly by nature, can be a source of embarrassment for children. Removal of warts is recommended at the earliest stages to prevent spreading of the virus and additional breakouts.