Warts in Children

Warts is a skin condition that is caused by a viral infection. Warts appear as raised bumps that are usually flesh tone in colour and are rough to the touch. Warts, though sometimes appear to be dark in colour. The two common types of warts that are found in children are common warts and plantar warts. Common warts are the one that is present on the hands and grows around the nail or on the back of your hands. Plantar warts are the one that occurs on the foot and usually found on the sole of the foot. They can be quite painful when walking due to their location.

Warts sometimes go away on its own without treatment. However, In certain cases where warts do nor stop growing in size or multiply rapidly, treatment options includes freezing, burning or application of topical solutions. Warts can be quite embarrassing for children due to their unsightly appearance. Removing the warts is advised at an early stage to block the further spreading of the virus that results in further breakouts