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Best Skin Care Tips For Summer | Dermcos

Best Skin Care Tips For Summer | Dermcos

Summer is the hottest among all the seasons of the year and as we embrace the warmest season, we get more involved with outdoor activities. Although the sun rays give us an energetic feeling, there becomes a need to protect our skin from nature’s harmful rays. While mostly we try to shade ourselves from the sun, it is the climate around you that is causing the effect. As seasons become drier, dust and humidity affect the liveability of skin cells and their function. Skin care tips for summer will eventually provide information on the precautions needed to be taken but it is equally important to understand the changes that happen to your skin during summer. Some of the anticipated changes happening to skin in summer include:

  • Oily skin gets oilier leading to breakouts.
  • Dry skin gets drier.
  • Sweat glands start pumping out more sweat.
  • Skin starts to lose its moisture.
  • People with eczema can see conditions worsening.
  • Sunburn becomes more common which causes pain and redness in skin.
  • Exposure to UV light causes tanning of skin and may become an underlying cause of skin cancer.
  • Warmer environments and humidity enhance bacterial growth.
  • More freckles can appear.
  • As the sweat gets trapped in folds of skin, chances of getting fungal infection are high.

In this short report, we will answer the most expected questions of skin care regime and know how to take skin care in summer especially in a country like India which experiences different weather nationwide.

Skin care tips for summer

Skin care routine in summer focuses on relieving these effects and provides a solution for better health of the skin. The general skin care routine in summer from a dermatologist includes the following simple tips and explains how to take skin care in summer.

  • The first and foremost summer tip for skin care is eating healthy foods and seasonal fruits which will help in keeping your skin hydrated. Some cooling foods such as yoghurt and fenugreek will do much better than the oily heavy foods during summer season.
  • In summer oily skin gets oilier and hence washing with organic face wash regularly will remove excess oil from the skin and open up the clogged pores.
  • Use of sunscreen is amazingly effective in providing protection from the harmful UV rays. Experts recommend that a broad-spectrum sunscreen such as SPF 30 or SPF 55 is highly effective for all exposed parts of our body.
  • Other than sunscreen, your clothes and its colour also absorb UV rays (both UVB and UVA). Dark and bright colours absorb UV rays effectively and prevent reaching your skin. Moreover, clothes that are densely woven do not allow UV rays to pass through it such as denim, canvas, and wool. Even the material of clothes plays a key role such as the unbleached cotton that contains lignins acts as a UV absorber.
  • Avoid wearing heavy makeup as these tend to block the pores during summer times preventing skin from breathing.
  • Taking care of eyes, lips, and feet is equally precious. Using lip balm will keep the lips nourished, hydrated, and prevent chapping of the lips.
  • Certain skin diseases such as eczema, heat rash, fungal infections, and acne breakouts flare up during the summer season. Avoiding excess sweating by keeping your skin moisturised and maintaining moderate body temperature will reduce the symptoms. The folds and creases accumulate sweat and may cause fungal infections. Hence, cleaning up these areas regularly is a good practice.

Skin care tips in summer at home

As the scorching heat sores up, you might want to spend most of your time at home. Though avoiding the outdoor activity at peak time will help, the summer effect will still hover over you even when you decide to stay at home. However, following skin care tips in summer at home will help you negate the effects on the skin. At home skin care tips for summer includes additional caring especially with eating habits and skin hygiene.

  • Eating healthy will keep your inner guts stress-free. As our skin shows signs of unhealthy guts, it is important to eat healthy for overall balance of our body.
  • Whether you have wondered about the term ‘beauty sleep’, it is time to know that it is true. Getting more sleep regularly enhances the radiance of the skin and maintains a healthy look.
  • Maintaining healthy hygiene will help in a terrific way tackling the heat. Taking a bath twice a day will keep you fresh and help with tiredness experienced during summer.
  • Always hydrating your skin during summer will maintain its healthy look. Drinking water is already a necessity but using a hydrating face mask and including antioxidants in your daily skin care regime will freshen your skin regularly.
  • Breathable fabrics such as cotton dresses will do good during summer times. Avoiding tight and layered clothings for a prolonged time will prevent rashes and excessive sweating.
  • Applying oil or light night cream at night will replenish the lost moisturiser from your skin.
  • Exfoliating skin especially of the foot will remove dry and cracked feet all summer long. Working out in closed spaces such as the gym enhances the growth of bacteria that causes athlete’s feet. Hence, go for a run in the park or other open spaces.

The summer tips for skin highlights some of the remedies used to maintain a healthy skin. Though some skin care products may seem extravagant, there are many natural remedies that provide the same effect but may take some of your time. Drinking tea and coffee has shown to reduce problems of acne. Green tea extracts have been in use for extended periods due to their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer effect. Aloe vera extract is another such naturally available source for skin care which is widely available and easily grown at home. Aloe vera has the potential to heal some of the skin conditions that are aggravated during summer. Several fruit and vegetable peels also have similar effects and provide medicinal values to heal any skin associated issues.

The weather in India varies from state to state where extreme temperatures are seen in several states while a more or less constant season can be seen in others. However, the twenty-first century is witnessing a longer duration of higher temperatures in summer due to pertinent carbon emission. Thanks to the endurance and adaptability of our skin, that seasonal effect is not harming us. However, they too need proper care and maintenance especially for people dealing with skin problems. As skin also symbolises the inner functionality of our body, maintaining a healthy skin means a healthy body.

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