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Skincare for kids: Every parent should follow

Skincare for kids

Your kid’s soft and delicate skin deserves loving care. Their skin is five times more sensitive than adults and therefore, you can’t resist touching and feeling it. But with that, also comes the responsibility to care for, and maintain the softness and beauty of their tender skin. A routine skincare regime is very important and should never be ignored. Based on different age groups, children may face varied skin issues like diaper rash, eczema, prickly heat, atopic dermatitis, pyoderma, seborrhea, etc.

Scroll ahead to know some basic yet essential skincare tips for kids, for all parents to help protect their child’s skin (From babies to teens) and provide the best skincare.

Skincare tips for kids:

1-Infant to toddler: (Birth- 3 Years):

Extra care is needed for the most delicate babies’ skin as it is 10 times thinner compared to adult skin and the protective layer has not yet developed. A skincare guide for babies include:

  • Always choose gentle products: Gentle soaps and shampoos free of dyes, alcohols, sulfates, paraben, and synthetic fragrances must be chosen. Those must be formulated for their fragile skin.
  • Keep skin moisturized: Since babies’ skin is very prone to dryness, apply gentle moisturizer, to keep it hydrated and protected.
  • Always do a patch test before applying any new product: Take a pea size amount on your fingertip and apply it to the baby’s inner side of the elbow and watch for at least 24 hours to see any skin reaction. If any redness or irritation is seen, do not use that product.
  • Minimize sun exposure: For the protection of your little one’s skin from sun damage, seek shade most of the time, maybe with a stroller cover, wide-brim hats, and dress in protective wear. After 6 months of age, sunscreen made of zinc oxide and titanium oxide can be used.
  • Bathe them regularly: Bathing is important even for babies and toddlers, at least on alternate days with lukewarm water and gentle soap. Do not expose skin to soap for a long time. Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing.
  • Avoid synthetic clothes: Always use soft cotton clothing, at least for clothes that are in direct contact with the skin.

2-Kids’ skincare for preschoolers:(3-6 years old)

  • Teach proper handwashing with a gentle hand wash: This is very important to keep oneself germ-free and healthy.
  • Proper and regular face wash: Washing face and applying moisturizer at least twice a day.
  • Start bathing independence: at the age of 4-5 allow them to practice bathing themselves with lukewarm water for not very long, to avoid shriveling of the skin.
  • Avoid scratching and apply moisturizer regularly: moisturizer will help to keep the skin moist and in case it is dry, teach them not to scratch it and keep their nails short and trimmed.
  • Start a regular sunscreen routine: Since at this age, kids are more exposed to the sun, therefore, a broad-spectrum sunscreen, with an SPF of 30 must be included in their daily routine at least 20 minutes before going out. (According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).
  • During winters: Avoid too much use of blowers and heaters as they cause skin dryness.
  • Oiling the navel: This is a good technique for better absorption of the oil and this keeps the entire body moist.
  •  Lip care: Apply milk cream or petroleum jelly on the lips to avoid cracking during winters.

3-Kids’ skincare for school children (6-12 years)

As the kids get more independent at this age, a regular and a simple skincare routine followed twice daily will be a good foundation for their healthy skin.

During the morning time and before going to bed, teach them to:

  • Wash their face with a mild cleanser.
  • Pat dry with a soft towel without rubbing.
  • Apply moisturizer or a light cream immediately after the wash.
  • When out in the daytime, even if it’s cloudy, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on the exposed body parts.
  • Use natural and non-synthetic products to avoid skin irritation. Avoid using products containing glitters, dyes, artificial scents, bubbles, etc.
  • Keep motivating them about the importance and need for a proper and regular skincare regime.
  • Immediately discontinue any product which causes irritation or redness to the skin.

4-Skincare guide for children during their teens (13- 17 years)

During teenage, skincare becomes a lot more important as kids go through a lot of hormonal changes resulting in physical and psychological changes as well. The sebaceous glands become more active, making the skin more oily. Many factors must be kept in mind to make the teens’ skin healthy and clear.

  • Support them to maintain a balanced diet with sufficient amounts of green vegetables and fruits.
  • They must have plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated.
  • Having sufficient and peaceful sleep.
  • Exercising regularly and keeping a good skincare routine.
  • Use the correct products with minimum synthetic ingredients.
  • Wash the face with a mild soap at least twice daily and apply cream or moisturizer for dry skin or a light moisturizer if the skin is oily.
  • Never touch or pop a pimple, it may result in infection or scarring. If they are large, you can use pimple medications, after consulting a dermatologist.
  • While wearing glasses or sunglasses, keep them clean to avoid oil clogging the pores around your eyes and nose.
  • Always wear sufficient sunscreen while going out.
  • Never sleep with make-up on and avoid sharing make-up.


To sum up, establishing a good skincare routine right from childhood helps to keep the skin, soft, healthy, glowing, clean, and beautiful till later in life. Also, many issues can be avoided in the future. Since kids are exposed to a lot of dirt and germs, starting a healthy regime for skin care is very essential. The basic things which should be kept in mind are:

  • Find the right products for your kids: Read labels and use age-appropriate, synthetic-free, sulfates-free, and more natural and gentle products. Whenever there is a doubt, always seek advice from a dermatologist.
  • Regular face washing: Using face washes and soaps to remove dirt and oils with Luke warm water (not hot) are best for the kids.
  • Preventing drying of skin: Moisturizer and light creams are essential to keep your kid’s skin moist and soft.
  • Drink lots of water: Sufficient water is very important for keeping skin hydrated and healthy.
  • Care for the skin according to seasons: Use more moisturizers and humidifiers during winter months, sufficient sunscreen, face washing, etc. during summer months.
  • Take appropriate precautions and care during their teenage: This is essential to cater to their changing needs.

Always take advice from a dermatologist for any skin issue and guidance for the best-suited skin products and care needed according to your kids’ skin type.

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