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Body Cosmetic surgery


Liposuction refers to the most common plastic surgery method followed all over the world. It is a permanent removal of fat cells in an obese person with the help of a suction device. It is quite a safe method, with minimum downtime. It has been surrounded by a lot of controversies, and poor results, but this is largely due to the procedure being done by untrained staff and other people who are not Cosmetic Surgeons.

Do not get carried away by claims that the surgeon can remove 10 kgs or 12 kgs of fat and make you super slim. the safe limits of liposuction are around 3-5% of the total body weight.

Procedure The procedure consists of infiltration of fluid into the areas that need to be liposuctioned. This has various benefits. It helps in loosening of the fat, decreases the bleeding drastically, and helps in controlling the pain after surgery as well. Usually, the experts infiltrate fluid in the ratio of less than 1:1 with the amount of fat that needs to be aspirated. The main advantage of this method is that the aspirated fluid is pure fat and not water mixed with fat. This helps in exactly estimating the amount of fat taken out.it is not important that how much amount is taken out, but how much of actual fat there is. .

Following the procedure of liposuction, there is not a requirement to wear a specially designed pressure garment for around 6 weeks. Use of any anticoagulant like aspirin needs to be stopped 1 week before the surgery; smoking needs to be stopped 2 weeks before and after surgery for best results

vibro-liposuction, VASER, Newer technology Power liposuction,and laser liposuction are some of the newer discoveries in this field. In Power and Vibro Liposuction, the mechanical effort to carry out liposuction is overcome by the use of special machines, that generates a to and fro rapid motion, thereby decreasing mechanical fatigue and making the method faster. However, these are significantly more costly than conventional liposuction. Laser lipo permits very good redraping effect on the skin; though, its role in exact fat reduction is a bit controversial. Therefore this has not found use in general practice.

Fat Transfer

Fat is used as a permanent filler to produce lip augmentation, to fill wrinkle lines along lips, nose, below the eyes and to augment the buttocks. Fat is harvested from the abdomen or thighs, processed with delicate care and injected into the required area to produce permanent results. Most of these procedures are performed with the help of local anaesthesia allowing speedy recovery and early return to work.

Hour Glass Figure Surgery

The world is composed of 2 sexes: male and female. Female has been considered an epitome of attractiveness and beauty and stimulation. Both these features go hand in hand. It is just like the primary ‘response to stimuli’ phenomenon. For reproduction purposes, it is necessary to create a stimulus (‘attractiveness’ in this case). This might be the reason why female shape and structure, the body has been admired throughout the ages. The current era is not very different. In fact, the need for an attractive body is growing significantly with each passing day. The body structure is thought to significantly add to the personality of the individual.

structure is thought to significantly add to the personality of the individual. Various body shapes are observed. These shapes are differentiated on the basis of the inflexion points (waist, hip and the breast) and the circumference ratios. The hourglass shape is amongst the most admired body shapes. In this type of Body shape, the waist is relatively narrower in this shape and the upper and lower body portions have more fat accumulation as compared to the midriff. However, most of the women, which is around 40% of women have rectangular or banana shape. The findings also throw light on the immense passion to change this body shape into the charming hourglass figure.

Although exercises in particular areas can lead to an ‘approximate’ hourglass shape, the process is quite time-consuming. A large number of women need is this shape during their youth. Cosmetic procedures such as hourglass figure surgery are excellent for this kind of cases. Nature and time taken for these type of surgery differ with individuals. The surgery requires liposuction from areas such as waist and appropriate contouring. After undergoing the operation, it is probable to experience a small amount of pain during the starting weeks. However, this shall go away after a period of time. The patient can then get back to the normal activities after an extent of about 3-6 weeks.

Buttock Augmentation

The Buttock lift refers to a relatively new procedure which includes placement of an implant in the buttock region to give a special look to your figure. It provides the solution for a sagging buttock, while also to enhance the appearance of the buttock. The procedures are carried out endoscopically in order to reduce the size of the scar.

CALF AUGMENTATION Enlargement of the calf region is done endoscopically by placing the implant in the lower leg, to provide the athletic leg appearance. This procedure is another reconstruction that was previously unavailable in India.

AUTOLOGIUS FAT TRANSFER In this technique the fat is used as a permanent filler for accomplishing lip augmentation, filling of wrinkle lines along lips, below the eyes, nose, and to increase the buttocks. Fat is extracted from the thighs or abdomen, treated with delicate care and injected into the requisite area to produce permanent results. Most of these procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia that promotes speedy recovery and early return to work.


Revirgination Surgery Nowadays, the number of women looking out for revirgination surgery is rising steeply. various procedures like hymenoplasty, labia surgery, vaginal tightening, etc., are being frequently performed. Majority of women nowadays want their partners to give heightened pleasure during the intercourse. Younger girls are more interested in improving their appearance down there and thus they come forth to undergo these procedures.


Hymen is a protective membrane partially or fully covering the external vaginal opening. it is a common belief that the presence of the hymen indicates virginity. However, now it is medically proven that hymen may be absent during childbirth itself. Plastic surgeries exist for creating the new hymen in women who are missing it. unfortunately, the tissues are very much fragile and can easily go away with an increase in physical activity. For this reason, this surgical procedure is only done prior to 4-7 days of marriage.


The procedure is also referred to as vaginoplasty. Frequent sexual intercourses can widen the vagina leading to lesser friction that can interfere with adequate sexual pleasure in both men and women. Surgical remedies such as vaginal tightening can be performed for improving this condition. In the process of vaginal tightening, some mucosa is separated from the vagina. After this, the muscles in the mucosa are tightened. This reduces the space of the vaginal opening. Increased penetration can be achieved, causing more sexual pleasure. It takes around a day to recover from this procedure. Regular sexual activity can be commenced after 3 weeks from the surgery date.


The improper appearance of the vaginal opening can be a matter of great embarrassment and concern for many women. This is because of the labia minora. that does not appear good in those lower portions. The labia can be reshaped under the influence of local anaesthesia, causing aesthetic looking vaginal lips. This can thus enhance the confidence of the woman.