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Hair fall

Who does not desire hairy that are shiny and voluminous? Good hair adds another dimension to your personality. Blessed are those people who have good genes that render strong and beautiful hair to them, while most of you might be struggling to find the right hair care product for your hair. However, not only genes but several other factors might be responsible why you are losing your hair. It has been estimated that losing more than 100 hair strands in a day marks the beginning of hair, which may or may not resolve on its own. There are numerous factors such why men and women start losing their hair at various stages of their lives.

Symptoms of hair loss

Gradual hair thinning on the top of your head:
This is the most common type of hair fall in both men and women, the only difference is the pattern of hair loss. In men, the hairline starts receding from the forehead, whereas in women the parting in their scalp starts widening.

Bald and circular patches on the scalp:
Certain types of infections may lead to coin sized bald patches on the scalp and other body parts like eyebrows or moustache.

Scaly patches that spread to the entire scalp:
Ringworm infections are responsible for this type of hair loss that may be accompanied by hair breakage, swelling and oozing.

Loosening of hair:
Certain environmental factors can contribute to hair loosening, which may be visible while you comb your hair, wash or towel dry them. This results in patches or overall hair loss.

Treatment of hair fall

Apart from the natural and homemade remedies for combating hair fall, there are various effective treatment for hair loss are available, some of which are

There are various FDA approved medications that are immensely being employed for hair loss. Minoxidil is a topical medication available in gel and shampoo form that is meant to be applied to the scalp for hair growth. Similarly, medication such as Finasteride is available in the form of an oral pill known for boosting hair growth.

Laser treatment
Low-level laser treatment can be used for treating hair loss in both men and women. This treatment method is known to improve hair density and is known to show good effects in long-term.

Factors that contribute to hair loss including heredity (genetics), hormones, stress (both physical and emotional), systemic disease and medications. A full evaluation is important to help treat your hair loss.

There are many over-the-counter options available to help treat certain causes of hair loss. Simple options for hair health include vitamins (D, E), supplements (Amino acids, Biotin, Fish oil, Iron), natural products (Hair Genesis, Nioxin, Nisim, Revita, ThymuSkin, Tricomin, Viviscal, etc), and medical therapies (Cimetidine, Nizoral, Rogaine, etc).

At your appointment your doctor can offer several therapeutic options to help with your hair loss condition. These include topical medications (irritants, steroids and shampoo’s), oral medications (androgens modulators, anti-inflammatory antibiotics, immune-system suppressors, etc), injections (steroids – intralesional or dermajet) and light-based options (LASER, over-the-counter light therapy).