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Skin Cancer

Skin Neoplasms commonly known as skin cancers are of various types. The most commonly found is Basal Cell Cancer originating in the lowest layer of epidermis followed by Squamous Cell Cancer originating from the middle layer and finally the least common form of cancer is Melanoma which originates in the cells which produce various pigments (melanocytes).Melanoma, is the most dangerous and aggressive kind of skin cancer and can prove to be fatal.

There can be various causes of skin cancer. Some of these include the use of tobacco products, environmental carcinogens, UV radiation, Ionizing radiation, HPV infections, certain genetic syndromes, wounds which are chronic and non-healing, use of certain medications such as immunosuppressive medications etc.

Prevention measures include the regular and effective use of sunscreen and avoiding sunburns, decreasing indoor tanning as well as avoiding the use of Tobacco products.