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Microdermabrasion: Preparation, Procedure, Benefits, and Cost.

Everything about Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion became a trend in the 1990s and is still popular among individuals. And not without reason! This procedure offers several skin benefits at a reasonable price and minimal to no side effects. If you are considering getting this treatment, you should know what it involves and what to expect before and after the procedure. […]

When To See a Dermatologist For Hair Loss?

how to control hair fall

You must learn about how to control hair fall and signs of shedding hair. If needed, see a hair specialist doctor in Gurgaon to treat your condition. Types of Hair Problems Alopecia It includes any type of thinning or loss of hair in which an individual slowly loses hair. It usually needs early hair treatment. […]

Methods of Demarking your stretch marks!

steact skin

Are you noticing bands of pink colored parallel lines in your skin especially in the stomach or upper arms? These are called stretch marks which is a type of scar develops when your skin stretches or shrinks quickly. The collagen and elastin break when this happens and when it begins to heal stretch marks appear. […]

Skin care of newborn

Newborn skin is delicate — and so is the baby’s immune system. Chemicals, fragrances, and dyes in clothing, detergents, and baby products can cause newborn skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes. However, there’s much you can do to protect your baby from these skin problems A newborn baby is born with wrinkly skin and a […]