Body Cosmetic surgery


Liposuction is the most common plastic surgery procedure all over the world. It is a permanent removal of fat cells by the use of a suction device. It is a safe procedure, with minimal down time. It has been shrouded in small controversies, and bad results, but this has been due to the procedure being done by untrained personnel, and other medicos who are not Cosmetic Surgeons.

Do not be led away by claims that the surgeon can remove 10 kgs or 12 kgs of fat and make you superthin. Please remember that the safe limits of liposuction are between 3-5% of the total body weight.

Procedure The procedure involves infiltration of fluid into the areas to be liposuctioned. This has multiple benefits. It helps to loosen the fat, reduces the bleeding dramatically, and allows pain control after surgery as well. Usually Dr Amit Gupta infiltrates fluid in a ratio of less than 1:1 with the amount of fat that he plans to aspirate. The major benefit is that, what is aspirated is pure fat, and not water mixed with fat. This gives an exact estimate of the amount of fat taken out. We surgeons have a bad habit of including the amount of fluid aspirated into the total volume taken out also, so that we can boast of having done large liposuctions. What is important is not the amount taken out, but how much of actual fat there is.

The procedure is done with small incisions over selected areas of the body, after first discussing with the patient, and planning the site of the incision. These incisions generally are not visible and heal very well. They are only about ½ cm in length. There may not be a need to admit the patient in the hospital, so that the patient can go home the same day.

Precautions After a liposuction, there is a need to wear specially designed pressure garment for upto 6 weeks. Any anticoagulant use such as aspirin should be stopped 1 week prior to surgery; smoking should also be stopped 2 weeks before to 2 weeks after surgery for best results

Newer technology Power liposuction, vibro-liposuction, VASER, and laser liposuction are some of the newer innovations in this field. In Power and Vibro Liposuction the mechanical effort to carry out liposuction is reduced by the use of special machines, which produce a to and fro rapid motion, thus reducing mechanical fatigue and making the procedure faster. However these are significantly more expensive than conventional liposuction. Laser lipo allows very good redraping action on the skin; however its role in actual fat reduction is a bit controversial. Thus this has not found use in general practice.

Fat Transfer

Fat is used as a permanent filler to produce lip augmentation, to fill wrinkle lines along lips, nose, below the eyes and to augment the buttocks. Fat is harvested from the abdomen or thighs, processed with delicate care and injected into the required area to produce permanent results. Most of these procedures are performed under local anaesthesia allowing speedy recovery and early return to work.

Hour Glass Figure Surgery

It is said that the entire world is comprised of 2 sexes: male and female. As we go through the various world cultures and traditions, we can very well notice the significance of ‘the female’. Female has been described by various characteristics like creation and attractiveness. Both these features go hand in hand. It is just like the basic ‘response to stimuli’ phenomenon. For creation or reproduction to take place, it is essential to create a stimuli (‘attractiveness’ in this case). This might be the reason why female body shape and structure is given priority throughout the ages. The present age is not very different. In fact, the demand for an attractive body is gaining significance day by day. The body structure is believed to contribute significantly to the personality of the individual.

Various body shapes are observed. These shapes are differentiated on the basis of the inflection points (waist, hip and the breast) and the circumference ratios. The hourglass shape is one among the much sought out figures. This figure is also known as the X-shape. The waist is relatively narrower in this shape. Both the upper and lower body portions have fat accumulation. Reliable sources have found out that almost 40% of women have rectangular or banana shape. The findings also mention about the immense desire to change this body shape into the attractive hourglass figure.

Although exercises of appropriate areas can result an ‘approximate’ hourglass shape, the process is time consuming. What majority of women need is this shape during their youth. Cosmetic procedures such as hourglass figure surgery is ideal for these cases. The nature and time taken for the surgery varies with individuals. The surgery involves liposuction from areas like waist and appropriate contouring. Post-operatively, it is possible to experience a small amount of pain during the initial weeks. However, this shall fade way after a period of time. The patient can very well return to the normal activities after a span of about 3-6 weeks.

Buttock Augmentation

BUTTOCK IMPLANT The Buttock lift is a new procedure which involves placement of an implant in the buttock region to provide that special look to the rear. It allows for treatment of a sagging buttock, while also to augment the appearance of the buttock. The procedures are performed endoscopically to reduce the size of the scar.

CALF AUGMENTATION Augmentation of the calf region is done endoscopically with the placement of implant in the lower leg, to produce the athletic leg appearance. This procedure is another revolution previously unavailable in India.

AUTOLOGIUS FAT TRANSFER Fat is used as a permanent filler to produce lip augmentation, to fill wrinkle lines along lips, nose, below the eyes and to augment the buttocks. Fat is harvested from the abdomen or thighs, processed with delicate care and injected into the required area to produce permanent results. Most of these procedures are performed under local anaesthesia allowing speedy recovery and early return to work.


Revirgination SurgeryNowadays, the number of women seeking revirgination surgery is increasing steeply. Many procedures like vaginal tightening, hymenoplasty, labia surgery, etc., are being increasingly performed. Lot many women nowadays want their partners to give increased pleasure during the intercourse. Younger girls are more interested in looking better down there and they come forward to undergo these procedures.


Hymen is a protective membrane that fully or partially covers the external vaginal opening. There is a notion that the presence of the hymen indicates virginity. But, it is a medical fact that hymen may be absent during childbirth itself. Plastic surgeries exist for creating the hymen. However, these tissues are very much fragile and can easily go away with increase in physical activity. For this reason, this surgical procedure is only performed prior to 4-7 days of marriage.


Vaginal tighteningThe procedure is also known as vaginoplasty. Frequent sexual intercourses can lead to a vaginal opening that is roomier. This can result in less friction leading to inadequate sexual pleasure. As a result, women complain that they are dissatisfied. Surgical remedies like vaginal tightening can be performed for correcting this condition. In vaginal tightening, some mucosa is removed from the vagina. After doing this, the muscles underlying the mucosa are tightened. This decreases the space of the vaginal opening. Increased penetration can be attained, resulting in more sexual pleasure. Recovery time for this surgery is 1 to days. Normal sexual activity can be started after 3 weeks from the surgery date.


Labiaplasty or Labia correctionThe inappropriate appearance of the vaginal opening may be a matter of concern for many women. This can be due to labia minora. This can be a source of embarrassment since it does not appear good in those lower portions. The labia can be shaped under local anesthesia, resulting in more aesthetic looking vaginal lips. This can, in a way, increase the confidence of the woman.