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PRP For Hair Loss: Procedure and Cost in Gurgaon

PRP For Hair Loss

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss has become quite a common issue amongst both male and female communities. Usually, this issue occurs due to aging. However, many healthcare specialists consider pollution and lifestyle changes to be responsible for it as well. 

Earlier, there were not too many solutions available for hair loss. However, with the ever-improving medical science, this issue can be treated without worrying about any concerning side effects. 

Amongst them, one of the notable procedures is PRP for hair loss. It is an advanced method, which can treat the symptoms of patterned hair loss pretty successfully. Additionally, it can also be used to counter receding hairline and hair thinning. 

The Procedure of PRP for Hair Loss

The procedure of a PRP treatment usually includes four distinct steps. Here’s what you need to know about them – 

  • Collecting Blood Sample: To begin with, your doctor will ask you to provide a small blood sample before carrying on with the process. Usually, around 20 ml of blood is required in a PRP treatment
  • Separating the Platelets: Now, the dermatologist will use the centrifuge method to separate platelets from your blood sample. The procedure follows a double-spin technique, which offers an optimal concentration of growth-rich platelets. 
  • Extracting and Activating PRP from Blood: Generally, a doctor will extract PRP (platelet-rich plasma) from the available layers of red blood cells and PPP (platelet-poor plasma). Then, a trichologist will help in improving the growth factor in the collected PRP before injecting it into your scalp. Usually, a certain form of the agent is used during this segment of PRP. 
  • Injecting PRP on the Affected Section of the Scalp: Finally, after the previous steps are done, your dermatologist will inject the extracted PRP on your scalp. They will do so by using medical-grade microneedles. Local anesthesia might also be administered at the affected place before providing the injection. This way, you will not feel any pain and the process will be completed smoothly. 

Ideal Candidate for the Treatment 

The PRP for hair loss treatment can successfully take care of almost any hair issue someone’s suffering from. However, not everyone, who is suffering from the same issue, can undergo the treatment. So, learning about its specific eligibility criteria is crucial, especially if you want to avoid any further complications. Here are some of the pointers, which can be viable for going through a PRP treatment. 

  • If you are experiencing partial baldness and a part of your hairline is still available
  • If you have lost all or most of your hair without suffering any form of follicle damage
  • If you don’t have any blood platelet disorder, yet are suffering from severe baldness
  • If you are experiencing the classic symptoms of male pattern baldness 
  • You are over 18 years of old and, are suffering from extreme hair loss 

PRP for hair loss can offer excellent results from anyone as long as they don’t delay the training. So, if you are experiencing even the mildest signs of baldness, be sure to visit your nearest hair care specialist today. 

Is PRP a Permanent Solution? 

A well-executed PRP treatment can offer a long-lasting result for severe hair loss. However, the result may sometimes vary from one patient to another. For example, if you are losing your hair rapidly, but your hair follicles are not damaged, you can expect a decent outcome. Your hair growth may last for quite a long as well.

However, the result may seem a bit underwhelming if your hair follicles have been severely damaged. 

Usually, the first significant sign of PRP for hair loss can be seen within the first six months after the procedure. However, as it is not permanent, you may have to undergo the treatment once in 12 months. In case your hair follicles were not damaged, you may delay your treatment for a few more months as well. 

PRP treatment is known to be pretty successful as well. It has an 84% of success rate amongst those who are suffering from androgenetic alopecia. 

PRP for Hair Loss Cost in Gurgaon

Usually, the cost of PRP for hair loss in Gurgaon ranges between INR 4,500 to INR 15,500. However, it may depend on several aspects. Some of these are – 

  • The severity of your condition 
  • The underlying disease that may have caused your baldness 
  • The dermatologist charges
  • Usage of advanced technologies during the process 
  • Aftercare procedures offered by the treatment center 


So, is PRP for hair loss effective in almost every aspect? Although the answer depends on your condition, the treatment usually offers excellent results in most cases, especially androgenetic alopecia. Hence, if you are suffering from extreme baldness, we would ask you to visit a dermatologist today. Otherwise, you may not get the result you were expecting from the procedure. 

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