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Acne care week

  1. The first step in successful acne management is good hygiene. Twice-daily washing is sufficient.
  2. More frequent exposure to water and medications can cause over drying and rebound secretion of sebum.
  3. For washing face, a mild, non greesy soap should be chosen. Strong deodorant soaps, which are effective on the body, can be too irritating to facial skin.
  4. Abrasive sponges or cloths should be avoided because they cause microscopic abrasions and create portals for the entry of bacteria.
  5. Astringents contain alcohol, which increases skin dryness and sometimes worsens irritation.
  6. Avoid picking or squeezing spots. This can lead to infection and also permanent scarring when the spot heals.
  7. Eat a balanced diet, which includes lots of fruits and vegetables. There is no evidence that any particular food worsens spots or acne, but a healthy diet can improve the overall appearance and condition of the skin.
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