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Skincare in winters

  1. It is very important to moisturize your skin regularly at equal intervals, to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Moisturizer should be oil based but should be used with caution in acne prone skin.
  2. Sunscreening is as important in winters as in summers. So whenever going out in sun do remember to apply sunscreen about half an hour before.
  3. Avoid synthetic clothes in winters, whenever wearing woolens, assure that you wear some cotton lining beneath to avoid rashes.
  4. Balanced diet, with good amount of vitamin e, and essential fatty acids is a must for  winters.
  5. Oil bath is important to keep your skin moisturized, as it works wonders to your skin. But avoid vigorous rubbing- it is of no use.
  6. Oiling your hair is equally important, but remember too cover oil right from root till the tip as it is the shaft of hair that takes whole brunt of wear and tear by cold winds.
  7. Don’t forget to take care of your hands and feet. Regular hand and feet massage (weekly) is sufficient, but moisturizing hands and feet on daily basis is a must.
  8. Nails also should be taken care of in winters, rubbing olive oil on fingertips at night every alternate day would be of great benefit.
  9. Direct trauma by cold wind can be very harmful to our skin, so whenever going out on a chilly day, remember to cover your exposed parts including face properly .
  10. Cracked heel is a frequent problem in winters faced by females. Hot water soaking and followed by good moisturizing is an easy and effective solution.
  11. In winters due to less thirst, water intake is less. But don’t forget that keeping the skin hydrated is very important, so do take enough water also in winters.
  12. Carrots are plentiful in winters, and being a very rich source of vitamin a it is excellent of skin, hair and nails. So try to take carrots in at least one meal of yours everyday.
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