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Botulinum and Fillers: Know The Difference

Anti-aging and wrinkle treatment options are increasingly abundant. As many people are now turning to their healthcare providers for longer-lasting options, the popularity of injectables is on the rise and has been over a decade. Botulinum toxin type A and dermal fillers are both long-lasting treatments that can be used as the best solution for wrinkles and other signs of aging. These are the cosmetic treatments given through injections, usually in a doctor’s office. They are minimally invasive and do not involve surgery. But there are significant differences between these two treatment methods, uses and its effectiveness which are enlisted in this blog.

What is Botulinum?

Botulinum is extracted from a bacteria. A regulated amount of Botulinum is given to correct the wrinkles, which have been used safely for decades. When injected into your facial skin, Botulinum works by blocking nerve signals in the muscles at the site of injection. When the nerve signals are interrupted, the affected muscle is temporarily paralyzed or frozen. Without the movement of these selected muscles in the face, certain wrinkles may be softened, reduced, or even removed.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers, also known as soft tissue fillers, are the substances that are designed to be injected beneath the surface of the skin to add volume and fullness.

The Substances that are used in dermal fillers include Calcium hydroxylapatite, Hyaluronic acid, Polyalkylimide, Polylactic acid, Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres (PMMA). 

Each one of these is designed to treat different signs of aging or other cosmetic issues.

Though they take time to work, they last longer. Some fillers last for about 6 months, while others last up to 2 years or longer.

The Difference in their Uses

Botulinum itself is a muscle relaxer, it has been used to treat neurological disorders that cause muscle weakness. It is primarily used to treat wrinkles that occur naturally around the eyes and mouth, as well as in between your eyebrows. Your healthcare provider will inject the muscles that contribute to the specific wrinkles you want to be treated. Injecting this Botulinum takes only just a few minutes with noticeable results within two weeks.

Dermal fillers also treat wrinkles on the face. They are primarily to treat smile lines and can also be used to plump up the lips or cheeks to increase the volume. 

The Difference in Efficacy

Botulinum injections produce results for most people and you will likely see noticeable effects within a week of the injection. Side effects are minimal, and most go away after a short time. Once you receive the injections, you’ll be able to continue your daily activities without any recovery time. The effects of Botulinum last about 3 to 4 months. 

Dermal fillers are also more effective, and it produces longer results. But results may vary depending on the type of filler you choose.

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