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PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate: Does It Work For Hair Loss?

PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate

All genders suffer hair thinning and loss regularly. 30 million women and 50 million men have lost some or all of their hair. Because of its effectiveness in treating people who need treatment for hair loss, platelet-rich plasma therapy has been in the limelight recently. If you are hesitant about using conventional hair loss treatments, an advanced procedure like PRP can offer some hope. Finding the required outcomes with conventional treatment, such as hair transplantation and pill ingestion, might present several challenges.

What is PRP Treatment?

PRP is a new, cutting-edge method of treating hair issues like hair thinning, hair fall, and hair loss (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy). It supports the body’s innate capacity for healing. In other words, PRP therapy is a concentration of platelets that can be released into the body as cytokines and growth hormones to aid in the healing and reconstruction of tissues.

A cutting-edge method of treating hair loss, platelet-rich plasma therapy encourages the creation of new hair to restore the density and strength of the patient’s hair.

Hair PRP Treatment

PRP therapy experts specialise in hair care. In this procedure, medical professionals use a patient’s blood platelet components to encourage hair cell regeneration and repair. Consequently, the factors will be healed, hair growth will be accelerated, and thick, healthy-looking hair will be increased. However, PRP hair therapy’s primary goal is to speed up hair follicle growth and stop hair loss and thinning.

Why Choose Hair PRP Treatment?

PRP is a cutting-edge treatment for hair loss that offers several advantages.

  1. Hair restoration without surgery

There are numerous ways to encourage hair growth. Nevertheless, complicated and painful procedures such as transplants are possible. With PRP injections, you can comfortably receive your treatments at the doctor’s Clinic without requiring extensive procedures or a lengthy recovery period.

  1. PRP hair loss treatment appears natural

PRP hair loss therapy is also almost unnoticeable; no one would know you were receiving treatment. Few side effects like slight bruising or redness at the injection site can be associated with injections which go away quickly after treatment.

  1. Addresses hair loss internally

PRP therapy for hair loss treats the underlying source of your problems and is one of the main advantages. Long-term and immediate hair development are both encouraged by stimulating dormant hair follicles. Because only your hair is growing, you may relax knowing that your results will look natural.

  1. Customized treatment

Microneedling with PRP therapy for hair loss is entirely personalized, in contrast to one-size-fits-all methods of hair regeneration. For the best cosmetic result, it assesses your hair loss and develops a personalized treatment strategy for you.

Your PRP treatment plan is created to address your unique hair needs, whether you are dealing with sagging hairlines, thinning hair, or balding.

  1. Safe, convenient, and realistic: PRP therapy for hair loss is simple, painless, and practical because there is no recovery time and no need for incisions. No need to take time off work or make detailed recovery plans. An average therapy session lasts for roughly 45 minutes. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

HOW PRP Hair Treatment is done?

The power of your body’s natural growth factors is harnessed by platelet-rich plasma therapy to rejuvenate hair follicles and promote new hair growth. A specialist collects blood during your visit to the Clinic and spins it in a centrifuge to produce a highly concentrated source of PRP. The plasma required for therapy is separated using this method.

Your scalp’s treatment region is pricked by a specialist utilising a derma roller and tiny needles. PRP is then injected into the desired regions.

PRP is a crucial component of the blood that contains stem cells and growth factors. These compounds stimulate inactive hair follicles to begin producing healthy hair.

How long does hair PRP last?

PRP is a non-surgical hair loss procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma from the recipient’s own blood to invigorate new hair growth. The PRP procedure is helpful as it contains growth factors and proteins that play an important role in improving the health of hair follicles. 

PRP basically induces the natural healing ability in the safest way possible by initiating a strong restoring effect. The PRP injection fixes the damaged cells and tissues, and thus stimulates renewed hair growth by improving the blood flow to the hair follicles which carry proteins to the scalp that promote cell growth. However, to further enhance the efficiency of the plasma, it needs to be processed and filtered, this step separates the platelet-rich plasma from the red and white blood cells in the blood. 

From the extraction of the patient’s blood to introducing PRP into the damaged tissues, the entire procedure takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. As PRP therapy is a minimally invasive procedure, there is no recuperate time needed which enables recipients to resume their daily life. It is, however, normal to feel minor side effects such as bleeding, irritation, pain or discomfort at the site of injection.

Even though the entire process gets done in between 30 minutes to 1 hour, recipients will need to wait for a bit to see the results. The waiting period is about a few weeks, after which there will be a noticeable change in appearance of hair texture and thickness. After a few months, there will be a new hair growth where there was no hair once none.

It is important to finish a series of approximately four to six treatments to attain the finest PRP hair treatment results, this renewed hair growth lasts for as long as 24 months. As PRP is not permanent, it is recommended to get touch-ups at least once a year. 

It should be added that PRP is absolutely safe for almost everyone as it comes from one’s own blood, so there will be virtually no risk for adverse side effects.

What is the Success rate of PRP?

According to several research conducted worldwide, PRP therapy is one of the most effective non-surgical ways to cure hair loss, thinning hair, and pattern baldness. It will lengthen the hair development phase, lessen hair loss, and somewhat reverse thinning, all of which help improve scalp coverage by promoting natural hair regrowth. You’ll notice less hair falling after the initial sessions. After the third session, you will start noticing visible hair regrowth, which indicates that the treatment is working.

Your dermatologist will determine the number of PRP sessions you need, any necessary maintenance sessions, and the necessary medical therapy in the form of topical products and oral drugs, etc., depending on the severity of your hair loss and degree of thinning.

A 2015 Italian research of men with patterned hair loss found that PRP therapy increased the amount of hair on the scalp’s target locations, and the effects were visible after three months. Doctors believe that PRP hair therapy, combined with adjuvant drugs, is a viable therapeutic option for patterned hair loss in both males and females due to its simplicity, safety, and affordability.

There is favourable evidence to back up the treatment approach and the notion that it can encourage hair growth in people with baldness or severe hair loss issues. However, PRP cannot address any underlying problems or causes of hair loss. The best person to consult for the process is a dermatologist, who can also analyse any potential side effects, which are often mild and easily treatable with subsequent treatments.

Dermcos Skin Care is one of the best hair and skin care treatment clinics in Gurgaon , offering a wide range of affordable, safe, and convenient treatments. It is India’s Premiere Skincare Center and uses the most advanced technology while emphasising patient care and safety, providing top-notch quality for those looking for effective skin and hair treatments.

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PRP, or Platelet-rich plasma treatment, is gaining popularity nowadays because it is an advanced method for treating patterned hair thinning, hair loss, or receding hairline. It is among the best hair growth treatments, delivering effective natural hair regrowth outcomes. As per many studies worldwide, PRP treatment for hair is one of the successful nonsurgical methods to treat hair loss, pattern baldness, and thinning hair. The therapy done by expert hands increases the duration of a growth phase of hair, reduces hair fall, and reverses hair thinning to a great extent. PRP success rate is high, and the result of the treatment is evident after completing the third session, as an individual will start noticing visible hair growth. You must consult a dermatologist for the process and then choose the affordable, safe, and convenient treatment. Dermcos Skin Care is among the top skincare centers in Gurgaon and is the right place for those who wish to undergo PRP for hair growth.

PRP hair treatment cost

PRP treatment costs vary and depend upon many factors, including the clinic that you visit. The cost of platelet-rich plasma therapy depends upon the following:

  • The level of experience of the dermatologist you choose for PRP treatment.
  • Quality of equipment used by the expert
  • The number of sessions required to treat hair fall, hair loss, and baldness.

It is vital to choose a clinic with a good reputation and an expert dermatologist. This will guarantee that you will be treated in a safe environment with expert care. The overall cost of PRP for hair growth is affordable, making it the leading method to treat balding hair, hair fall, and hair loss along with receding hairlines and damaged hair. It is a natural treatment that is clinically proven to be very effective. It helps to reverse hair loss and improve hair texture and also promotes healthier hair growth.

How do platelet-rich plasma injections work & success rate?

Hair loss is associated with aging and genetics and can happen anytime. Balding occurs when the hair follicles, small scars, and anchor individual hair to the scalp start to shrink, allowing hair to fall. PRP injections are used to inject the platelets that are found in the patient’s blood, activate growth factors, and improve blood supply to hair follicles, which in turn increase the thickness of hair shafts. PRP injections use your own blood platelets, which are a type of cell that helps with whaling throughout the body to reverse the hair loss and grow new hair potentially. During the treatment, the blood will be drawn and mixed in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma. Experts will then inject the plasma that helps repair blood vessels and stimulate collagen production, promoting cell growth and wound healing.

PRP treatment success rates are high but vary depending on the individual. It is considered one of the most successful nonsurgical hair loss treatment methods. The success rate of PRP treatment for hair loss is about 80 to 92 percent in India. The reason behind it is that it is typically safe and effective and proven to reduce hair loss and improve the overall hair texture. It enhances the length of the growth phase and reverses hair thinning effectively. If you are concerned about how much time PRP will take to work, then remember that results will not be instant. The new hair growth cycle from a follicle is three months. So, it will take even longer to see longer hair and display visible results. You may start noticing results in about six to twelve months after your first treatment.

Consult with a PRP hair specialist doctor today.

PRP for hair growth is the best treatment that shows guaranteed results; it is also critical to choose a reputed clinic to ensure that an expert PRP hair specialist will perform your PRP treatment to optimize hair regrowth results. Book your appointment with Dermcos Skin Care clinic in Gurgaon, one of the premier skin care centers that offer top-notch quality for those seeking effective hair and skin treatments.


You have various options if you’re worried about hair loss, including prescription drugs like Rogaine and Propecia and hair transplant surgery. PRP therapy is another advanced and safe option to be considered.

It is a safe and efficient technique to stop hair loss and encourage new hair development. Consult your doctor to determine which type of treatment is for you, alone or in combination.

For people who have been refused alternative treatment alternatives or have given up due to disappointment with their results, the treatment offers a potential future. You do not need to lag in acquiring scalp hair when it is regarded as a sign of a self-assured personality. For a promising path to better hair tomorrow, walk-in now for a thorough assessment and analysis of your hair and scalp.

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