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Signs of Skin Aging And How To Fix Them

sign of aging

Skin is something that everyone is proud of and always wants it to be fit and glowing. But on aging or due to some other reasons, you might notice some signs of your skin aging which can seriously annoy you. The below discussed are some signs of skin aging followed by the methods to fix it:


  1. Dull Skin Tone:

Your skin tone starts becoming dull from your glowing and bright skin when there are a lot of dead skin cells getting collected and building upon your face. On aging, skin cell renewal decreases by about 8% every 10 years. Due to this reason, the dead skin cells which start depositing on your face cannot be replaced easily by the new ones on aging.

There are various ways that claim to brighten your skin glow naturally as well as by chemical involved beauty products. You can try the reliable ones to get rid of dull skin tone and get back bright and young skin!2

2. Wrinkles:

Your skin remains tight due to elasticity, moisture as well as collagen. As the skin starts lacking these elements, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles start appearing on the face. Majorly, aging is the reason behind getting wrinkles on the skin. But if someone notices wrinkles at a young age, the reason behind that may be smoking as well as high exposure of the skin to the sun. 

One can get rid of these wrinkles by limiting sugar intake and quitting smoking. You shall also avoid direct sunlight for a long period of time and if the circumstances are unavoidable, you may use protective sunscreen to avoid wrinkles. 

3.Age Spots:

These are a kind of unwanted skin marks that usually occur after exposure of your skin to the sun for a long period of time. These are mostly on areas like skin and shoulder. The reason behind their occurrence is building up a cluster of pigment cells. They are harmless to your skin but one may be concerned to get rid of these age spots.

Therefore, these can be healed by temporary medications which may last for several months. It can be also done by a laser method which can clean up those age spot creating pigment cells. 

4. Sagging Skin:

In this case, your skin does not remain firm and in proper shape. The skin starts sagging which is again a sign of skin aging. This can happen due to the excessive formation of elastin and collagen. Apart from these biological reasons, it can also happen when you first gain and then lose your weight. Your skin gets stretched when you gain the weight and starts sagging when you lose it again. 

Sagging skin can be cured by applying skin tightening lotions to the sagging skin. Also, there are various medical surgeries done to make the sagging skin firm. 

5. Dry Skin:

When our skin fails to produce moisture to save itself from getting dry, then the skin starts aging. It happens when you are getting older or when you are in some area with extremely low weather conditions. After some period of time, the uppermost layer of your skin becomes completely dry day by day.

This can be prevented and fixed by applying moisturizers when you see your skin drying. You must be also careful with your soaps and the fabrics you use and ensure that you are not using the harsh ones. One must stay hydrated to get rid of their dry skin.

6. Thin Skin:

Thin skin can be easily noticed and shows a sign of skin aging. On aging, your body is not able to produce enough cells due to which your skin starts getting thin. Apart from this, exposure of skin to direct sun can also cause thin skin. Thin skin increases the possibility of having wrinkles since it thins out your dermis. Thin skin is usually seen on arms and hands.

Thin skin can be prevented and cured by applying creams which has a good content of vitamin A as well as retinol. Consumption of a healthy diet can also cure thin skin as it increases cell production. Prevention of alcohol can also avoid thin skin.

7. Bruises:

If your skin gets easily bruises, it is a clear sign of aging. The reason behind bruises is the walls of blood vessels get weaker, especially in the case of elder ones. If the walls of blood vessels are weaker, they break easily and cause bruises. 

These can be cured by making the affected part feel cool. Either you can apply a bag of ice regularly or put aloe vera gel for some period of time. You shall also include foods in your diet which can make the walls of blood vessels thick and improve the quality of your blood.


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