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Skincare of pregnant women

  1. Balanced diet is of foremost importance during pregnancy for general wellbeing and for having a beautiful glowing skin as well.
  2. Constipation is a very common problem during pregnancy and, if not checked, it gives rise to a number of embarrassing skin blemishes. To cure it drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Besides, include laxative fruits like figs, punt’s and beetroot in your daily diet.
  3. As the abdomen becomes larger, the skin stretches. Fibres of the connective tissue immediately underlying the skin separate and give rise to white stretch marks. To avoid these, it is always wise to massage the abdomen and the breasts regularly with oil from the first month of pregnancy right to the last and even after delivery­for a few months at least.
  4. On no account scratch the abdomen and the breasts, because this will leave scratch marks for ever afterwards on the skin. If you feel very itchy, gently very gently rub the skin with your hands.
  5. If you are planning on breast feeding your baby, you should begin preparing your nipples from the sixth month onwards. Once everyday, draw out each nipple by gently pressing your thumb and index finger down on either side of the nipples and gently rolling the nipple out. After your nipple stands out, massage it well with little olive oil.
  6. Nursing will not cause your breasts to become flabby, if you wear well-fitting brassier. Buy yourself a few maternity dresses, which today come in many attractive designs and shapes. Do not forget that a large ‘percentage’ of attractiveness is accounted for by good grooming and good posture.
  7. The clothes should be comfortable and well fitting with allowances for future expansion. Also discard high heeled shoes and wear comfortable low heeled flat shoes.
  8. Sometimes swelling of legs, ankles, feet, fingers­ and face too-may appear during the last months. The cause of swelling is the retention of water in the tissue spaces of the body; a high intake of salt favors the retention of water, which is why you should eliminate or use very little salt in your diet and reduce the intake of liquids.
  9. Proper care of the skin and hair is especially important during pregnancy. A daily bath with a mild fragrant soap is a must. Clean your skin both morning and night with milk cream . Rub it well into the skin and remove with cotton wool. This will soothe and feed the skin.
  10. Wear minimum of makeup. If you have a tendency to develop rashes it will be exaggerated during pregnancy.
  11. Sometimes pigmentation of the skin takes place or the formation of small areas in which the minute skin veins become prominent. There is no remedy for these ailments but they disappear soon after pregnancy. Using sunscreen of minimum SPF 15 is a great way of preventing discoloration.
  12. You should give up all our social engagements and lead a very moderate life. Your motto should be early to Bed and Early to Rise. Good sleep, fresh air, regularskin care, exercise coupled with right diet should give you health, strength and beauty throughout the time you are ‘expecting.’
  13. Pregnancy skin careshould ideally start with gentle cleansing of skin. Don’t wash your face more than two times a day so as to prevent drying. Always use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Women with oily skin can use water-based moisturizer and those with dry skin should opt for oil-based one
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