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What Is The Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost In India?

Your search for long-term hair removal ends with complete body laser hair removal treatment. The reason for the continued popularity of full body laser hair removal is the long-term and promising outcomes. However, the full body laser hair removal cost in India and misconceptions about laser therapy are the main reasons why individuals are hesitant to undergo laser hair removal. Let us bust that myth for you!

Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Full-body hair removal is becoming increasingly popular among both men and women. When you opt for a full-body laser hair removal, your dermatologist will do a thorough examination and divide the body areas into sections for treatment, and narrow down the number of sessions required for the treatment. The face, upper torso, abdomen, chest, bikini line, and limbs are frequently differentiated.

A package can significantly minimize the overall full body laser hair removal cost in India. This package is simply a collection of deals, almost like a bundled offer, designed to make full-body laser hair removal affordable. The packages are generally designed to provide you with the highest return on your investment.

Factors That Influence Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost in India

Location: The location is critical in determining the overall cost of full-body laser hair removal. If you choose a commercial location in a Tier 1 city, the cost of full-body laser hair removal will be higher than if you choose a clinic in a residential area or a Tier 2 city.

Dermatologist’s Experience: The dermatologist’s experience is important in determining full body laser hair removal cost in India. Assume you’re going to a seasoned dermatologist or plastic surgeon for full-body laser hair removal. In that instance, the overall cost may be slightly greater than if the therapy were performed by a novice. However, it is always recommended to seek the services of an experienced plastic surgeon to avoid serious consequences.

The Equipment: Laser devices of various varieties are available in India. The cost of your treatment may vary depending on the laser technology used. Clinics that use cutting-edge laser technology will charge you more for obvious reasons.

Hair and skin type: If the treatment area has coarse hair, the overall cost of full-body laser hair removal may be slightly greater. Finer hair, on the other hand, is easier to remove; hence, full-body laser hair removal expenses may be lower for finer hairs.

The number of sessions: As previously said, laser hair removal requires numerous sessions to achieve the desired results. Doctors often recommend 6 to 8 sessions and 1 to 2 maintenance sessions each year to preserve hair-free skin all year. However, because the number of sessions may be more in some circumstances, the cost of full-body laser hair removal may be slightly higher.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost in India

In India, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all laser hair removal package. For the same treatment area, different clinics in different cities and sections of India may charge varying prices for laser hair removal. However, the table below will help you determine the full body laser hair removal cost in India across various cities.

Here is a list of Laser Hair Removal Prices in major Indian cities.

City Average Price Price Range (Min-Max)
Bangalore Rs. 70444 Rs. 1500 – 450000
Chennai Rs. 69500 Rs. 1000 – 450000
Hyderabad Rs. 61816 Rs. 1500 – 450000
Kolkata Rs. 16508 Rs. 1750 – 80000
Mumbai Rs. 62475 Rs. 1000 – 450000
New Delhi Rs. 43195 Rs. 999 – 450000
Pune Rs. 51767 Rs. 1450 – 450000


Full-body laser hair removal is a highly convenient approach to removing unwanted hair. This process is popular all over the world and is an excellent alternative to the traditional method of removing unwanted hair once a month.

It is also one of the most cost-effective procedures for removing unwanted hair. The full body laser hair removal cost in India varies and is determined by numerous criteria, including hair density, skin type, texture, causes of hair growth, clinic, and experience of the professional dermatologist. This therapy promotes smooth, hair-free skin, and reputable dermatology clinics provide a variety of options to make the procedure more affordable.

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