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Monsoon Skin Care Routine

Skin care routine

The change of seasons affects the human skin significantly. As the monsoon is approaching fast, you need to know some basic skincare tricks and tips to achieve glowing skin. 

There is no shift in elementary skin care principles, be it summer, winter, or monsoon. Like always, you must perform CTM –   clean, tone, and moisturise your skin. The only thing you need to do is to shift towards the skin care products related to monsoon depending upon your skin. 

The selection of skincare and makeup products depends on getting your basics right. Go through the following recommendations to get the basics of your skincare right –

  • Use antifungal powder to stay itch-free and dry. Make sure that the powder doesn’t react to your skin. 
  • Try wearing loose cotton clothes.
  • Don’t let sweat sit on your skin. It may lead to skin rashes and further infections.
  • Use all-natural and paraben-free skincare and makeup products.
  • Don’t overdo and use too many skincare products.
  • Never delay consulting your dermatologist in case of skin infections and irritations

How Does Monsoon Affect Your Skin?

Humidity in the air during monsoon causes excessive sweating. As a result, oily skin becomes an issue to tackle. It results in acne, pimples, and clogged pores on the skin. Followings are some of the most common skin problems that people face in monsoon –

  • Sweat Rash: These red itchy rashes, called miliaria, appear on the skin. Blocks on the sweat glands or pores are the leading cause of sweat rash. These rashes set in when a person travels at a ventilated and cool place. You can eliminate the sweat rash problems by wearing loose cotton clothes. Eczema is also a common problem during the monsoon.
  • Fungal Infections: This is the most common form of skin infection that occurs during monsoon. Many types of fungal infections like ringworms set in the body folds. Fungal infections can occur in diabetic patients quickly.
  • Body Odour: Smelly underarm and body odour is common during the monsoon due to excessive sweating. You can use sweat pads to avoid this problem. It would be best if you were picky while using deodorants in monsoon, as it can cause allergic rashes. 

Proper Exfoliation Makes Your Skin Glow

Choosing a suitable product based on your skin type and problems is essential for excellent skin care. It applies to both skincare and makeup products. Staying hydrated helps you in getting glowing skin. Your skin care should be holistic, i.e., you should care for your entire body, not only the face. Secondly, you need to take extra care regarding the scalps and hair to prevent hair fall.

Regularly exfoliation during the monsoon can yield the best results if you have normal skin. On the other hand, exfoliate your skin once every ten days if your skin is sensitive. Using natural exfoliation scrub, you can do away with the grime and dead skin cells. Following is a list of DIY exfoliating scrubs for sensitive skins –

  • Milk and grounded almond powder
  • Honey and sugar
  • Dried orange peel powder and Rosewater
  • Yogurt and oatmeal powder
  • Olive oil and ground coffee beans

Exfoliation also helps clean and unclog your skin pores, significantly reducing acne and pimples. You can also use a loofah for a refreshing bath.

Apply Moisturiser and Sunscreen

Contrary to popular belief, moisturiser is an all-season skin care product. Moisturiser helps keep skin hydrated and stops your glands from overproducing sebum. Moreover, it keeps your skin healthy. You can use any water-based moisturiser during monsoon if your skin is oily. Remember that the exfoliation process should end up with moisturising. 

Sunscreen is also another all-weather product. Applying sunscreen thirty minutes prior is essential if you are stepping out. Reapplying to it every two hours is necessary if you are spending time outside.

Protect Your Skin with Minimum Makeup

You might have gone for waterproof makeup products to avoid mascara streaming down. Unfortunately, these products are all oil-based and clog the skin pores, resulting in pimples and acne. So it is better to go for natural products and minimal makeup. You can use the following makeup products during monsoon –

  • Light CC Cream
  • Lip tint instead of lip gloss or lipstick
  • Kohl over mascara

Tips for Oily Skin During Monsoon

Oily skin tends to get more oily during the monsoon. As a result, it tends to break. You can follow these tips if you have oily skin –

  • Use gentle face wash twice a day to cleanse your skin
  • Dab away the excess oil from the skin using tissue in a specific interval
  • Tone your skin with a gentle toner. It keeps the skin pores tight and healthy
  • Finish with a light moisturiser.

Additionally, you can use a clay mask once every five days to draw out extra oil from the skin.

Tips for Dry Skin During Monsoon

You can have a real hard time during monsoon with your dry skin. Following skin care tips will surely help you –

  • Cleansing and moisturising are a must, like any other season.
  • Staying hydrated is essential to keep your skin soft and healthy
  • Try avoiding hot showers during monsoon
  • Positively wear off the makeup before sleeping.
  • Opt for a deeply hydrating face mask at least once a week.

Tips for Sensitive Skin During Monsoon

Sensitive and itchy skin needs utmost care during monsoon. These are some helpful skin care tips for sensitive skins –

  • Try using natural products that don’t contain any fragrance.
  • Use soap-free and paraben-free cleansers
  • Applying sunscreen is essential if you are going out
  • Be cautious about doing a patch test before using any product.
  • Eat healthily and always stay hydrated
  • Wash up the rainwater immediately; if drenched
  • Apply antifungal powder to keep skin infections, rashes, and itchiness away.

Bottom Line

All the tips mentioned above are general. If you face any chronic skin problem, you must consult a skin care specialist and follow his recommendations. Dermcos Skin Care Clinic in Gurgaon provides you with the best skin care solutions. They offer various treatments through the most experienced and best dermatologists. Book your appointment now to enjoy glowing skin. 


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