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Surprising Things That Ruin Your Skin

Glowing and healthy skin is what everyone wishes for. People care a lot for their skin about the common problems which they are familiar with and the ones which they have experienced. But apart from those common problems, there are also other surprising things that ruin your skin of which you might not be aware of. Thus, the following are some surprising practices that one should avoid doing to prevent your skin to get ruined:

  1. Skincare Products:

Let us get started with the beauty products which you use to keep your skin healthy and for your make-up. One must only use reliable skincare products as many of them may contain some toxic chemicals which could be bad for your skin when you talk about the long run. Also, the beauty products which are exceptionally cheap should be avoided as they might also have toxins. Skincare products you use should be branded and of high standards so that they can really take care of your skin. Moreover, not all kind of products may suit your skin type. So, you have to be careful about that aspect too while purchasing a skincare product.

2. Poor Diet:

People might be aware that pimples are bad for their skin but not all of them might know the reason behind getting a pimple. They pop out of your skin because of your body heat which is generated by eating junk, spicy and unhealthy food. Thus, one should rather have a healthy diet which must consist of fruits and vegetables. This will not only prevent your skin from pimples but also keep it healthy as well as glowing. Therefore, a poor and unhealthy diet is also a major element that can ruin your skin. Also, not drinking enough water throughout the day can ruin the quality of your skin.

3.Lack of Sleep:

When we are asleep, our skin is able to level and recover the lost moisture level. Our skin needs time to get hydrated when we are asleep. But when there is a lack of sleep, our body does not get a proper time to hydrate our skin. This results in skin dryness as well as wrinkles at a very young age. It is also believed that lack of sleep is the cause of dark circles below the eyes. In this way, lack of sleep can ruin your skin smoothness by making it dry. 

4. Water Quality:

It is good to take a bath properly and wash your body using branded beauty products. But along with those branded beauty products, you also have to be careful and concerned about the quality of water you are using to wash your body. We have come across the cases where contaminated water kept degrading the quality of the skin day by day. These contaminations may be some impurities or harmful chemicals such as chlorine that can ruin your skin. Therefore, you must be sure about the water quality before using it for your bath. 

5. Pillow covers:

We know that there are some dead skin cells which our skin sheds off after new cells take over. This process of shedding old skin cells is mostly completed when we are asleep. Thus, the pillow cover on which we sleep has a lot of dead skin cells on it. Not changing the pillow cover for a long time can again embed those dead cells to your bright skin which will make your skin look dull and aged. Apart from that, you also get more prone to skin infections if you do not wash your pillow covers in a regular interval.

6. Dandruff:

Dandruff is not only bad and harmful for your hair, but is also for your skin. When you have excessive dandruff along with long hair, dandruff also falls on your facial skin. Research has shown that when dandruff falls on the skin, it does react with your skin cells in a negative way and causes acne and pimples. In this way, dandruff can ruin your facial skin by bringing pimples on it. Therefore, for good skin as well as hair health, one has to always make sure that their hair scalp is always dandruff free.

7. Atmosphere:

Our skin has little pores through which it breathes in order to stay healthy. Therefore, the type of atmosphere and the quality of air around us determine a lot about our skin quality. If the skin is exposed to pollution, it becomes oily and full of dust. Similarly, on the other hand, if we are in a place with a lot of greenery around, your skin will glow and look fresh! Thus, in this way, the atmosphere and the quality of air around you can either make your skin glowing and healthy or make it look dull, dirty and ruined! 


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