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When Should You Start a Skincare Routine?

When Should You Start a Skincare Routine

More than a concern, it has become a worry among people finding answers to the correct age to start a skincare routine. Unlike other physical and medical problems, skincare is more of a preventive treatment rather than a cure. Not only does it help your skin look radiant and feel healthy, but proper skin care can also reduce the risks of developing skin conditions.

Remember that skincare is not bound by age. The skin has every kind of basic need through every phase of life. From exfoliating the clogged dirt inside the pores to protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays from the sunlight, skin care involves more than just one step. And, you must consult the best dermatologist in Gurgaon to help you draw out your skincare needs.

Here, we will discuss everything there is to know about a basic skincare routine and how you can achieve that.

What does one mean by “Skin Care”?

If you didn’t know, the skin is the largest organ of our body. Not only does it protect us from foreign pathogens, but it also helps provide an external cushion to our internal organs and protect them from damage.

However, even with all the functions that skin plays for our body, it is often the most neglected. Skincare, in simple terms, is to shield your skin and protect it for both aesthetic and medical issues.

Why is Skincare necessary?

Many individuals have this misconception that only sensitive skin requires additional care, which is far from the truth. Every skin type, irrespective of a person’s age or ethnicity, requires optimal skincare. While the abundance of cosmetic and beauty products has made the concept of skincare extremely trendy nowadays, it has been a need all along.

Finely tuned tips for skin care can help you reduce the onset of early signs of aging, not to mention that it also makes your skin look a lot healthier than you not using any type of skincare.

However, the need for skin care is mandatory for patients struggling with chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, etc. In such cases, it is always advised to consult an experienced and qualified dermatologist for a specific sensitive skincare routine with the right kind of products.

The need for a basic skincare routine also has positive impacts on your mental well-being. It instills better habits and helps you focus more on your self-care and nurturing yourself. Some individuals have even said that having a daily skincare routine gives them a sense of control and routine that helps them develop a sense of normalcy in your life.

How to Build your Skincare Routine?

It doesn’t matter if you are a man, woman, or a non-binary person; skincare is a crucial part of your well-being (physical and mental). However, the lack of knowledge surrounding the types of products and their impacts on your skin can push you to make wrong decisions.

Caring for your skin is a subjective and personal act. You have complete free reign to decide what feels good on your skin and which one is a hard pass. Developing your skincare routine technically is not as hard as it seems.

All you have to do is keep three steps in mind:

Cleansing – start by washing your face and cleaning it using your skin-compatible face wash or cleansing gel.

Toning – this is done to restore and balance your skin’s pH levels and ensure a healthy glow to your skin.

Moisturizing – the last and the most crucial step is to apply a hydrating moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.

Skincare Equates Patience

If you think that practicing the general norms of cleaning, toning, and moisturizing for a week will show you earth-shattering results, you are mistaken. With more and more people taking skincare seriously, it isn’t surprising that cosmetic products have evolved, integrating more science into it.

However, even a skincare routine requires a substantial amount of time to show results. You need to be consistent with following the tips for skin care for you to see results over time. Even then, there are chances that one product could work magic for your skin and could not suit the skin type you have.

Experts suggest following the same skincare routine for at least six to eight weeks to see notable results.

Consult a Professional

While the trendy skincare products that are flashed on your social media platforms by influencers can seem enticing, you don’t know how they would perform on your skin. This is a crucial reason why consulting the best skin specialist in Gurgaon is essential.

Consulting a professional helps you assess your skin type, identify the problems and then find the corrective treatment to deal with those conditions. At Dermcos, you have access to a team of experienced and high-quality skin specialists who can help you navigate your skincare journey better.

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