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Acne- A problem with mysterious causes

Imagine you wake up and it’s your wedding day. You are extremely happy and excited. You go to see your face in the mirror and your face is full of acne. All your happiness turns away and you get worried. How bad can be the acne?

Bad acne inflames and scars your skin and affects your confidence. The acne can be big and red and you never know how terrible the timing may be but it really lowers your self- esteem when it breaks out. Acne can breakout with a few bumps here and there that appear on the body making you look dull.
Acne is the commonest chronic skin condition, affecting almost 80% of adolescents and young adults aged 11 to 30 at some point. It is a polymorphic, inflammatory disease of the skin, which occurs most commonly on the face (in 99% of cases) and to a lesser extent on the back (60%) and chest (15%).

Acne is a typical skin illness found in youngsters and youthful grown-ups.. Acne begins when oil and dead skin cells clog up the skin’s pores. On the off chance that germs get into the pores, the outcome can be swelling, redness, and discharge. Manifestations of acne incorporate whiteheads, clogged pores, and pimples. To help control acne, keep your skin clean. Keep away from beautifying agents that stop up your pores. Wash your skin on more than one occasion per day with a delicate cleanser free wash and maintain a strategic distance from the sun. Do whatever it takes not to scour or pick at your pimples. This can exacerbate them and can cause scars.

Without treatment, acne can cause huge scarring and harm to the skin, and in addition enthusiastic issues and low confidence. A wide range of serious acne ought to be analyzed and treated by a dermatologist

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